What’s in a name?

greplytix – [grep/lĭt/ix] is our geeky mash-up of “grep,” which is a command for a powerful search in computer science terminology, “analytics,” and “information exchange.”

These words together describe our commitment to provide our clients with the most powerful data collection, analyzation and communication tool they’ve ever experienced.

How Did We Startup?

When our CEO Joe Viscomi started Greplytix (2012-2014), he pursued his education in Cambridge at both Harvard and MIT. This environment exposed him to new ideas, technologies, problems and people. Greplytix opened offices in the Cambridge Innovation Center on the corner of MIT’s campus and quickly became entrenched with the local fast-paced startup culture.

During this time, Joe was asked to speak at The Dyslexia Foundation Conference 2012 that was taking place at Harvard Medical School. The topic focused on the integration of technology, assessments and learning – Joe was also showing off an early prototype of Greplytix’s software platform. Unbeknownst to him, those attending the conference had been working on a new medical evaluation standard for the past two years. They approached Joe immediately after his talk to ask if Greplytix could accommodate their assessments, and from there, the rest is history.

Having spent most of his life in Carbondale, Illinois, Joe relocated Greplytix back to the Midwest after a successful launch.

Company Mission and Goals

Our mission is to fundamentally change the way people are assessed in our education system and offices alike. From the earliest learners to the oldest earners, Greplytix aims to close the gap in the feedback loop to transition our culture from primary meaningless summative assessments to constructive formative assessments thus raising an empowered people who are mastering critical skills and not simply just passing.

We want to build affordable and easy-to-use data management and analytic tools for education and direct service based industries to cultivate a society that’s driven more by holistic constructive data-based feedback and driven less by a hunch.