Custom-Made Collections

DataInsight is your data visualization and collection platform built to order exactly how you want it. Plain and simple.

Total Flexibility

Acting as a wireframe to hold your data and easily molding to accommodate your environment; DataInsight is our product for visionaries. We’ll work with you to tailor every aspect to your application.


Communicate Solutions

With great visualization comes great communication. Talking numbers has never been easier with our robust visualizations and thorough collection techniques.

Integration at it’s best.

Easily and affordably have a team of Data Scientists helping you answer tough questions and constructing a personalized solution to fit your operations like a glove. DataInsight is your fully customized platform to collect, aggregate, report, and visualize data effortlessly in real time and on any device.

Leverage DataInsight’s middleware API to easily integrate existing systems or sources of data to get a complete picture, there is no need to manually export, combine, and collate separate systems any longer. Increase the capabilities of your existing data systems by integrate our reporting, modeling, and visualization systems and have the best of both worlds.

Build it all now or piece by piece overtime; you’ll never have to worry about hidden customization costs, security, redundancy, or scalability. If you know what you would like to see for your own applications or wish to explore a tailored solution, please let us know!

Built for You

Your data visualizations will be as in-depth as you want them to be. From the largest numbers all the way down to the smallest percentile, we’ll make sure you have every insight you need in order to fully understand your data and its trends.

True Action & True Reporting

Understanding relationships and exchanges in a complex organization will give you deeper insight in anticipating unintended consequences. Seeing the big picture empowers you act on cause and effect to strengthen ties with less guessing and more doing.

Many Relations; Many Visualizations

Complex relationships don’t have to be complicated. Our Data Scientists’ diverse graphing library and flexible architecture allows for total control of what you need to see and how you want to see it. With these visualizations, you’ll be understanding and communicating results just as easy as it was to collect.

Data-Driven Visions

Have an idea for us? Our platform is extremely flexible and designed to fold into your workflow. DataInsight can function seamlessly in any environment to collect meaningful data and paint holistic visualizations of what’s important to you and your business!

Let’s work together to build a solution for your needs.

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Ordered Intuitively

We’ll untangle your data to combine a number of graphs into one intuitive and straightforward visualization that can be easily understood and communicated to others.

Travel Back in Time

Whether it be just for a day, a lifetime or more, we develop visualizations that demonstrate your collections over time in comparison to whenever or whatever you need.

Flow & Process

Communicating both paths and processes is a common request we hear from our clients. We have built custom visualizations that reflect your businesses efficiencies as well as its bottlenecks. You’ll quickly locate production, consumption and everything in between to better streamline your workflow.

Pinpoint Concentration

Ever wonder why something keeps happening over and over again? Or maybe you can’t pinpoint exactly what is causing repetitive behavior. We build collection and visualization solutions for that too.

Use Any Device

DataInsight was built to be used in real time. We know that you’re not bound to your desk, so why should your evaluation platform be? Every smartphone, tablet and computer is fully compatible with DataInsight. Feel free to access and collect your data anywhere and on any device!

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Let us know if you need any more information regarding DataInsight or pricing options. Thanks!

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