Let’s stop using spreadsheets.

When was the last time you were able to communicate complex correlations to HR, staff and investors? How quickly can you make decisions from staring at your spreadsheets? How much time and money are you wasting at the end of each quarter scrambling around trying to input and collaborate all of that information?

DataInsight is our platform designed and built businesses and their unique environments. We build them from the ground-up to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to make the best decisions possible based off of data that you can collect in real time on any device anytime.

We can build it so you see real time results from other raters as well for total communication and a holistic view of sick days, production times, or whatever you need to see in whatever timeframe you need check.

From the day you start using it until forever, DataInsight will always store this data for you safely within it’s platform.

We empower you to understand information quickly and make the most informed decisions possible.

“It’s a terrific tool that has been incredibly easy to use and incredibly rich in the data we collect.”

Dr. David Urion

Director, Behavioral Neurology Clinics and Programs; Director of Education and Residency Training Programs in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Boston Children's Hospital

“Greplytix is making the biggest advancement in the understanding and the visualization of assessments and learning data since the invention of the computer itself.”

Joseph Viscomi

CEO & Co-Founder, Greplytix

“Greplytix provides the opportunity for schools to track daily analytics that allows the teacher to make informed decisions regarding direct instruction. In addition, it provides data across time that helps to identify best teaching practices based on profile of the individual student. These capabilities will transform the way educational progress is measured and delivered in the future.”

Brian Brown

Executive Director, Brehm