Joe Viscomi CEO & Founder

Joe Viscomi CEO & Founder 

New Features for a New Year!

We have been working extremely hard at greplytix over the last quarter to bring you new products and enhance our capabilities and features of what we already have. I am excited to be able to say we have had a complete refresh of our product line with many improvements for usability, stability and adaptability. All of our products are now deeply rooted in our own architecture which we call DataInsight. This allows us to develop features at an increased rate that all of our products can benefit from. We have greatly improved how our products adapt from one form factor to another which increased usability by optimizing your screen for tasks suited to it.

New Technologies

We have added many new technologies under the hood for our new product line, which are all designed to make your experience more intuitive and allow us to analyze more data even faster. For example, we now integrated ElasticSearch from top to bottom. This allows us to find, retrieve and analyze stored data at much faster rates with better accuracy than before. We sent one of our engineers to a hands on workshop to make sure we had a rock solid understanding.

Redis for everyone, please! Thats right, now we leverage Redis to handle our dataset cacheing which greatly improved access times to large data sets. We have really stepped up our scalability and configuration game with these latest updates. I can keep going on, but I am afraid it’s more geek speak than anything else, but if that is your thing don’t be shy and reach out to me on @jjviscomi.

Visualizing Data

One of the key aspects that sets us apart from competitors is our visualization library. While bar charts and line graphs are all hunky dory they only convey a state or states of things (a snapshot if you will) and relations are lost. Complex organizations and individuals are boiled down to simple scalars (numbers) where much of the how or why isn’t represented. We want to let your data tell you a story so you can get a deeper understanding through finding out where your data originates and how it is transformed as it moves across your organization. This has always excited us and I happen to know we do it better than anyone else. Checkout our DataInsight page for a glimpse of some cool things we can utilize to help your data tell a story. Real understanding is complex and people are not numbers so stop treating them like they are.

Because after all the more powerful the story and the better it is understood the more informed you will be to make game changing decisions.

Stay tuned this year for some exciting new products and opportunities we will be bringing your way, and as always if you have a data problem and need someone to empower you to solve it reach out and contact us!