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With just one click or tap, you’ll make accurate and defined individual assessments in real time using a familiar tool: the rubric.


Act Fast

It’s never been easier to pinpoint problem areas quickly and confidently with LearningInsight’s ability to visualize trends for each grade level and each student.



We’re happy to say that even the most technologically adverse have adopted LearningInsight with absolute ease and comfort on their smartphone, computer and tablet. LearningInsight will seamlessly snap to your workflow!

“Greplytix provides the opportunity for schools to track daily analytics that allows the teacher to make informed decisions regarding direct instruction. In addition, it provides data across time that helps to identify best teaching practices based on profile of the individual student. These capabilities will transform the way educational progress is measured and delivered in the future.”

Brian Brown, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Brehm Preparatory School

In Just One Click or Tap…

Never search again. Our platform has been organized to give you the quickest and most intuitive user experience you’ve ever, well, experienced. Now you can teach and evaluate the same time without missing a beat.

Fast Insights

Upon opening LearningInsight, you are greeted with your dashboard. Ordered intuitively to act as your hub for school-wide information, this enables you to identify bigger trends, areas of growth, and problem areas.
It’s also customizable, so you can track what’s important to you!

Diving Deeper

LearningInsight provides custom reporting, visualizations and third party connections to fit your application and needs. Our Data Scientists have a deep understanding of complex data and how to best visualize it to get answers. We’ll work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your environment.

Real Time Rubrics

Rubrics allow you to detect rater bias and have the highest degree of inter-rater reliability. We designed rubrics to blend in your work flow for real time evaluating.

Effortless Evaluations

We’re all about simplicity and user-friendliness. That’s why we introduced the traditional grading rubric to our platforms. In just a tap, you can collect meaningful data in real time to better visualize and understand complex relationships between skills, instruction and environment.
Oh, and you can build any rubric for any reason; it’s all yours!

Progress Reporting

Check out our customizable and robust charts and graphs for demonstrating your students’ progress overtime. You can seek out information for overall scoring and then breakdowns by criteria. Our reports deliver the most information quickly and are extremely easy to understand!

Intuitive Charting

Upon opening Progress Reports, you are greeted with a Student’s Overall Score. Our example demonstrates their average score of all criteria on a 5 point scale, but what if you want a 10 point or even 100 point scale? Or grade different criteria? Know that this is all customizable!

Breaking It Down

Those criteria are then broken down into their own categories. These charts display even more insights about this criteria. All you have to do is hover or tap on a slice to see specific data about these categories.

Understand Score Concentration

This shows how many times a student has been evaluated on this specific criteria and how consistent their scores were. So, the dark tiles mean that they have received that score multiple times.

Student’s Scores Compared to their Group

With our box plot, you can now easily see how a student stacks up against their group’s overall scores. The line graph below it works with the box plot by demonstrating the student’s progress in comparison to their group either in overall scores or even within a specific criteria.

Get the Full Picture

This heat map and astro plot combo answers a few things: who is rating, what criteria was rated, and how often that score has been given. All of that plus the option to expand “Score Details” for the timestamp and rater comments makes this one of our most information rich charts for educators!

Use Any Device

LearningInsight was built to be used in real time. We know that you’re not bound to your desk, so why should your evaluation platform be? Every smartphone, tablet and computer is fully compatible with EdInsight. Feel free to evaluate anywhere and on any device!

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