Joe Viscomi CEO & Founder

Joe Viscomi CEO & Founder 

Making Better Doctors

The journey of greplytix has been a fun and an ever changing endeavor, while always keeping our values of improving education. As a company we have been in quiet development and testing of a new product in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital called MedInSight. Specifically we have been working with David K. Urion, MD to implement the evaluation metrics for Medical Residents by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). I know this doesn’t sound very innovative and fun, but we didn’t just want to be able to collect and report data. Just like what greplytix does for public and private schools, the goal was to make an incredibly intuitive and easy to use system built on our inSight platform that would deliver meaningful and impactful results quickly that would drive program and instructional changes to improve their Medical Resident training program.

The collaboration is still on going however our initial trial product launched this past July 1 on time for this years new and existing Medical Residents. We have optimized data collection to a few simple clicks on both desktop computers and tablets, and experienced a quick adoption from their Attending Physicians. That was great, we knew we were doing something right! The goals are however much more ambitious than simply just collecting data for the sake of maintaining accreditation. For the first time we have given the hospital tools to rapidly evaluate Residents, Attendings, and Rotations in near realtime. With the software doing the heavy lifting, they were able to make quick correlations between all of these to improve their program. Even though I would consider this new product not fully mature, it has already driven real changes in their program.

This really emphasizes that data collection and evaluation tools built to reflect their environments, focus on simplicity, and truly empower people will drive positive actionable outcomes.

These little bits of early success have really inspired our team at greplytix as I know it has Dr. Urion and we are extremely excited to now be offering this platform to any teaching hospital. Now other hospitals and innovative programs may develop a more in-depth understanding of their program and continuously improve and make even better doctors!

I am very excited to be co-presenting with Dr. Urion at the Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio on October 22. Our goal is to inform as many other hospitals as possible of how these new tools can help improve programs by embracing Data-Driven Decision Making.

Please watch our website or twitter feed for our new offering, or send an e-mail to to request more information.