We follow not only technology, but education and the requirements, policies, and restrictions of the interplay between technology, data, and education. Our goal is to build our clients a powerful and enjoyable experience that gives them new insight into their data so they can improve student outcomes and get real value from their data, as opposed to just collecting it. When our team became aware of what the Data Quality Campaign and the Consortium for School Networking was putting together the Student Data Principles (Found Here) we just had to given them a read.

I must say that they resonated very deep within out organization and I would like to enumerate over the first five of them here for you because these are some of the most critical and important things we support:

  1. Student data should be used to further and support student learning and success.
  2. Student data are most powerful when used for continuous improvement and personalizing student learning.
  3. Student data should be used as a tool for informing, engaging, and empowering students, families, teachers, and school system leaders.
  4. Students, families, and educators should have timely access to information collected about the student.
  5. Student data should be used to inform and not replace the professional judgment of educators.

To read more about the Student Data Principles, checkout: http://studentdataprinciples.org/the-principles/ or contact us to start putting your ideas and your data to work for you!