I remember when I was in grade school, how difficult it was for me to pay attention in class. I was always a social person, and I loved talking to my friends. It’s not that school didn’t interest me; I just had so much energy! I would go to school, with all of the best intentions, and before I knew it, the teacher was getting on to me for talking in class.

Of course, this innocent little talking problem led to punishments and grades that were lower than I was capable of making. Pretty soon, I was known as the classmate who was always getting into trouble. Teachers saw me as kind of a goof-off who didn’t take school seriously.

By the time I got into high school, I just sort of adopted this persona. My grades were fine, but they could have been better. I didn’t take my classes as seriously as I should have. I became what all the teachers pegged me for early on in my educational career.

Every one of us has a unique experience when it comes our education as well as our children’s. It all comes back to a single point: there’s a lot more to evaluation than meets the grades. It’s incredible to think about how different my experience might have been if my school had adopted a hard data-based environment with real-time evaluations across platforms. With real time data analytics platforms like LeariningInsight, my teachers would have been able to accurately identify my learning road blocks and react in a more informed and effective way.

Evaluating a student’s performance should be a lot more informed than simply handing out pink slips for undesirable behavior to make actual change in a student’s life. With the ability to view behavioral patterns in a simple way, teachers can more effectively teach every student, including us not-so-bad kids, can more easily reach their full potential and keep a positive outlook until graduation day.