Anyone remember when the Internet looked like this?

Thankfully, it’s gone through a few makeovers since then. Although, some developers don’t seem to have noticed. User interface and experience is really really important. Unfortunately, a lot of other platforms we see out there look like those bulky sweaters that family is wearing. It’s 2015, guys, c’mon.

We don’t skimp on making our data collection and analyzation platforms intuitive, elegant and powerful. Not to mention it can be totally customizable.

MedInsight, LearningInsight and DataInsight are built to save you save you time and free you from the confines of your office. You can even drill down to view the tiniest piece of data you have in real time, and then track it indefinitely to stack its results against other data…or whatever you want.

(Did we mention that DataInsight is made-to-order?)